Sun & Shadow

With the height of summer upon us we have to remember to take breaks. Stay hydrated and do what we can to protect ourselves from the heat!We can sun charge! Sun tea is a great way to add a bit if magic to your summer cool-down routineJust be careful not to melt candle wax while sun chargingAlso note some gemstones can be damaged in the sun’s rays

With the bright light of the sun we also get deeper shadows, for there is no shadow without light.Its a great time to self reflect and look into your shadow self. What things can we bring to the light? What things can learn about ourslves? The sun brings healing warmth, something i often do i journal or do healing work with my room with black out curtains, then when im done and ready to come back to mundania i step out into the bright part of my house and it is really grounding to come back to the here and now.

But always remember what can heal can also kill. There’s a reason for that maxim; As healing as the sun can be it can burn, it can cause heat stroke, etc…Always take mundane precautions when working with the sun!Keep in mind citrus can make you more photosensitive so if you have a citrus soap, you may not want to use it before going out during the dayAnd if you do get burned, aloe and vitamin E are your friends!


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