For those looking to avoid the word “smudge/smudging” You may be interested in the terms “cense/censing/censed” as in “incense” according to google dictionary: cense: /sens verb: ARCHAIC (From the French: Encencer approx 1800)meaning: to perfume (something) ritually with the odor of burning incense.


I think is super underrated. Its scentless which is great for those who have or live with people with allergies or smoke sensitivities. Sound vibrates physically and energetically, so it can often be more effective than other methods of cleansing. Often part of my cleansing ritual is to use a bell and ring in the direction of the ceiling and little corners that are not accessible to clean, energetically shaking any stagnant energy loose to fall to the floor and be swept away with my besomI have a little bell that i ring around my altar space as well ♡

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