I see alot of questions in various groups about Moon Water. Ask em here and ill try to clear a few common questions up. What is moonwater? Any water charged by the moon, usually meaning set outside or in a window to soak in the moonlight. Do i need a recipe? No however some people like to add stones or salt to their moonwater. If you are adding anything make sure its clean so as not to create mold. And if using anything for plants or ingestion check toxisity! Also fot the mold factor i prefer to charge bottles of distilled water to store for later or a bottle of filtered water to drink within the week. Can i put herbs in the water? Yes but filter them out and use quickly. Again mold. On the subject of mold adding liquor can increase the shelf life if that is something you can safely have at home Uses?Anywhere you use water. An offering glass on your altar. Water element on your altar. Make coffee or tea with it. Water your plants Add oils to make a scented water. Your bath. Etc

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