While i love the rise of language being known please never think you NEED a label/sub label for your craft. (if you find them and use them thats great for you) I see so many posts that are about people wondering what kind of witch they are (sub-labels); asking others to name them based on their interest or name what their interest *Should* be… (example crystal witch, kitchen witch, green witch etc…) your craft can be one or overlap them all, you may feel at home with a single label for a while or never. your craft can morph with time and you absolutely do not need to stick to one form of the craft to be a successful witch! Sub-labels are to make us feel more at home, like we have the perfect way to describe ourselves; they should be like slipping on a comfy sweater and not something we hunt down because we feel like they’re “necessary” or somehow a permanent identityFor years crystals were my focus. Then it went to the back burner and when i came back to it i realized how little i knew and that i didnt want to keep studying them in depth. They are my friends but im not a “crystal witch” anymore. though ive always practiced some form of kitchen/home witchery, it has been brought more to the foreground, so has plants and working with herbs. But at the same time divination is a deep love of mine and im always looking into new oracles… I work with the elements, the universe, Deity and ambiant energies. I cannot seperate out my craft into sub-labels because my path is multifaceted. on the flipside i have the perfect microlabel for my gender. and its been so neat to find out theres a word for how i feel! 😊 if you are interested im non-binary (label) demigirl (sub label) librafemme (microlabel)

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